Windshield detachment kit

Standard kit for manual windshield detachment.

With the ergonomic handle the stylet allows easy drilling of the sealant for the passage of the thread. The two plastic handles with steel sounding wire fixing pins allow an ideal grip during the mastic cutting phase. The kit is equipped with an harmonic square wire used to remove most of the windscreens and rear windows.

On request are available the reel of harmonic wire with intertwived round section (Art. 523.001ORO).


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MB Autoattrezzature srl


Windshield detachment kit, manual.

The windshield detachment kit includes:

NR. 2 Art. 523.002 HANDLES for thread pulling

NR. 1 Art. 523.003 STILETTO for sealant drilling and harmonic wire introduction

NR. 1 Art. 523.001 BOBINA mt. 50 harmonic wire square section.

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