Manual highlight panel Tiger screen

Hail damage and little dents highlight panel TIGER SCREEN, manual.

X-banner model: you manually hook the canvas to the practical folding support.

Lightweight and practical for the transport and for the mounting, with vertical or horizontal printed stripes, depending on the model.
Accosted to the vehicle, it creates the optimal reflex to highlight the small damages on the car body.

It solves the problem of the identification and the counting of the hail damages when it is necessary to issue quickly the correct quotation with enclosed pictures, to be sent to the insurance adjuster.

It can be used in all lighting conditions , with or without the aid of a lamp.  For SUV and cars with high roof we recommend the model 775 Roll up.

Art. 776VER kit with vertical stripes canvas

Art. 776ORI kit with horizontal stripes canvas

Art. 776.001 ONLY vertical stripes canvas

Art. 776.002 ONLY horizontal stripes canvas

Art: 776 Category:
MB Autoattrezzature srl


Manual highlight panel.

Hail damage and little dents highlight panel Tiger screen, manual.

The panel is provided inside a practical case, it can be mounted in one minute.

The kit includes 1 support and 1 canvas.

The canvas can also be supplied separately.

Dimensions: mm 850 x 1850 h

Weight: 2 kg


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