Magnetic support for painting of parking sensors

MAGNETIC SUPPORT FOR PAINTING OF PARKING SENSORS EQUIPPED WITH 10 SPRING CLAMPS OF 2″. The support is ingenious for its semplicity. The magnet allows the positioning of the support both on the oven’s wall and on any painting stand. The clamps are adjustable. It can be used also for the painting of little parts of the car body such as: bowls of side mirrors, handles, profiles, fuel tanks doors, etc… Available on demand spring clamps of 4″ to support parking sensors of big dimensions or other parts of body car (Art. 759.003 pair of spring clamp 4″).

Art: 759 Category:
MB Autoattrezzature srl


Magnetic support for painting of parking sensors.

It’s an article of MB Autoattrezzature production, entirely Made in Italy.

It’s the first and the original one, shown for the first time at the AutoZum fair of Salzburg in January 2017.

It’s supplied dismantled in a carton box.

Weight kg 0,8.

MB Autoattrezzature produces also a kit of bumper drilling punches for the application of parking sensors:

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