Magnetic robot

ALL-PURPOSE MAGNET for all rivet welders and welding machines requiring earth connection. This ready-to-use device can support the earth cable of any sort of spot welding machine (rivet welder) on the market and of all line welders (MIG). It allows the immediate projection welding of sheet iron drawing star electrodes, pins, washers, screws, rivets and so on.

Thanks to an ingenious modification we increased more than three times (also on slippery surfaces) the performance of the magnet which many of you already use for welding and spot-welding. Now, when hammering, drawing and working sheets, the Magnetic Robot will not move by a single millimeter. It is guaranteed!

• magnet with a high attractive power: 35 kg
• the magnet shielding grants the total absence of stray current
• needs a small clean contact surface: 20-30 mm
• no demagnetization
• the long pitch screw grants a fast locking of the earth cable
• extraordinary shock resistance

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