Hot stapler for Spotter

Hot stapler for Spotters: Plastic Spotter Fixer (Patent Pending)

From today, with the Spotter, you can also repair the plastic!

M.B. Autoattrezzature is proud to introduce the new and revolutionary hot stapler for Spotter: it is an accessory for plastic reparation, suitable for all Spotters on the market.

Easy and fast to mount, it melts all types of staples on the polymer materials parts of body car (except PUR and PE as known).

It quickly engages inthe spindle of the Spotter’s gun, it is necessary to connect the ground cable and with the program HOT OPERATIONS set to the minimum, it is possible to repair plastic parts with staples. The two special electrodes allow the application of staples both on the top and at 90°, if the part to be repaired is not easily accessible in front of the operator.

The hot stapler for Spotter can be used with all types of staples on the market.


Attention: it isn’t possible to use actual versions of this accessory with automatic Spotters.

Art: 777 Category:
MB Autoattrezzature srl


Hot stapler for Spotter: Plastic Spotter Fixer (Patent Pending)

The hot stapler is available in 3 different models:

Art. 777A for Spotters with DINSE connector

Art. 777B equipped with housing to connect it directly to the mass for Spotters without DINSE connector

Art. 777C equipped with clamp to connect it to all type of mass for Spotters without DINSE connector

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