Hot glue stick

Hot glue stick

Hot glue stick in a package of 10 pieces.

Art. 546.009 White glue stick, Kit of 10 pcs, hot season. Art. 546.010 Amber yellow glue stik, Kit of 10 pcs, cold season. Art. 546.013 Glue sticks, Kit of 5 pcs of white glue sticks + 5 pcs of amber yellow glue sticks. Art. 546.015 Black glue stick, Kit of 10 pcs, cold season.

Hot glue made in Italy, specifically studied for the application with suction cups during hail damages reparation in bodyworks.

The glue color identifies a different percentage of resin contained in it.  As in all things, the good quality of the product determines a successfull job: the seal on the cars body is due to the high percentage of resins contained in our glue. Other types of common glue on the market, that are normally studied to paste paper and carton, will never reach the same results. The choise of the type of glue is not only based on climate, but at the end, it is always and above all, subjective: each user has his own way to work and his habits and for these reasons he has to find the most suitable glue for him.

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MB Autoattrezzature srl

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