Flexible antistatic hose 15m

Superflex Air Hose: antistatic hose for compressed air 15 m.

The large dimensions of modern vehicles, make a 15 m long hose the ideal lenght to comfortably reach all positions.

The hose is available also in ROLLS of 100 m, only hose without couplings, art. code 763/100.

Exceptional for the use inside spray booths!

Antistatic, diameter 9,7 – 15,5,  lenght 15 metres, with 1/4″ couplings and resistant to a pressure of 20 bar. Extremely flexible to all temperatures between -40°C e + 60°C. With external antistatic coating, abrasive resistant. The hose is usable in all body shops works, painting included. Light, easy to handle, soft, flexible, antistatic.

Art: 763/15 Category:
MB Autoattrezzature srl


Flexible antistatic hose for compressed air, really new, really super soft and suitable for all works in body shops.

To try! Current PROMOTION: every 10 pieces, 1 free!

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