Dent puller system

The dent puller system allows the draw  of the wavy wire supplied, previously welded. With the percussion extractor, by the insertion of the support with hooks, the part concerned can be straightened.

The system with articulated hooks offers the operator the possibility to use all 9 hooks at the same time or in the necessary quantity, depending on the surface to be straightened.

It’s equipped with 2 electrodes suitable to different types of spotter on the market.

Art: 466 Category:
MB Autoattrezzature srl


Dent puller system

Dent puller system kit equipment:

  • 1 slide hammer kg 3 (Art. 466N000.01);
  • 10 pcs. wavy wire (Art. 466.003);
  • 1 adjustable electrode for wavy wire welding (Art. 494.000.05);
  • 1 electrode to point wavy wire (Art. 513.000.21);
  • 1 support with 9 pulling hooks.

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