Air tool filter

It prolongs the tool’s lifetime!

The filter Art. 766 with replaceable element Art. 766.001 is a filter suitable for all compressed air tools for bodywork. It filters the air from impurity, oil and humidity, protecting the weak parts and the bearings of pneumentic tools.

Thanks to its direct positioning on the tool, the filter protects it from early failures by removing contaminants from the air system at the point of use.

Made in worked strong aluminum that protects the sintered bronze filtering element of 40 micron  kept inside. The filter lasts for months and it is cleaned or replaced easly to unscrew the metal housing. Filtration at 40 micron with a temperature from 0°C to 95°C and a working pressure of 6 /10 bar. Resistance at a maximum pressure of 34 bar. Filter dimension: lenght 50 mm – diameter 20 mm. Inlet female thread 1/4″, outlet male thread 1/4″ .

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MB Autoattrezzature srl


Air tool filter

The filter for compressed air tools Art. 766 is made of an aluminum housing with inside the filtering element with its gaskets.

The replacement kit Art. 766.001 is composed by 1 sinter broze filtering element and 2 o-rings.

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