In accordance with the REG. UE 2016/679 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Italian D.Lgs. 30.06.203 n. 196 Privacy Code

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M.B. Autoattrezzature S.r.l., with its registered office in Via dei Notai 120 blocco 23, 40050 Centergross Funo di Argelato (BO), Italy, Fiscal Code 01067500379 and VAT no. 00531521201, as Controller of the Privacy Policy, informs you that your data will be processed with purposes and modalities as stated as follows:

  1. Object of the processing: personal identifying data such as name, surname, company name, address, telephone number, email address, PEC email address, Fiscal code, VAT no., banks name and IBAN, payment terms, all data that you provide us when the buying/selling contract of products/services is to be closed.
  2. Purposes of the processing:
  3. A) Contractual relationship: email, pre-contractual, contractual and fiscal information exchange for the contract closure. It is also permitted the data processing for legal obligations, EU regulations or Authorities’ orders, exercise of the rights of defense in court. This data processing does not require the express consent.
  4. B) Marketing operations on products or services offered, prices, promotions by email, mail, telephone contacts, newsletters. This type of data processing requires the express consent. If you are already our customer, you will continue to receive our marketing communications similar to those received so far, unless your withdrawal of consent. The consent will be requested to the new contacts and it will be considered valid until withdrawal. Your personal data will not be shared with other companies or third-parties for marketing purposes.
  5. Modalities of data processing: the processing of your personal data is both on paper and in electronic form. Your personal data are processed for the time necessary to fulfill to the contractual objectives and subsequently for the storage time required by the current law. Your personal data concerning marketing operations are processed after your permission and until withdrawal. All personal data are collected and stored in a server located in the European Union. Concerning exclusively the email addresses used during marketing operations, they are stored in servers located in extra-EU countries, but always in accordance with law requirements applicable and bound by the standard contractual clauses foreseen by European Commission.
  6. Data access

Your data  may be accessible:

  • to employees and collaborators of M.B. Autoattrezzature S.r.l., in quality of appointee or internal officier or system administrators, who are subjected to the obligation of strict confidentiality.
  • to third companies or other parties such as banks, professional firms, consultants, insurances, couriers, who carry out activities for M.B. Autoattrezzature S.r.l. always with the aim to close contracts and comply with law requirements and always bound by the strict confidentiality.
  • to those subjects to whom the communication is mandatory by law such as judiciary, IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Customs authority.
  • your personal data will not be released publicly neither shared with third-parties.
  1. Rights of data subjects

– Access: obtain confirmation and communication of all personal data collected
– Correction: obtain corrections, updates or integrations of inexact data
– Cancellation (right to be forgotten): obtain the cancellation of processed data in violation of the law or beyond the limits of the law
– Limitation of the processing: opposition in whole or in part to the data processing
– Complaint to the Competition Authority


  1. Modalities of the exercise of the rights:

– by registered letter to M.B. Autoattrezzature S.r.l., via dei Notai 120 blocco 23, 40050 Centergross Funo di Argelato (Bologna – Italy)

– by certified mail address (PEC) to:

– by e-mail address to:


  1. Controller, responsible and appointees:

The Controller of the Privacy Policy is M.B. Autoattrezzature S.r.l., with its registered office in Via dei Notai 120 blocco 23, 40050 Centergross Funo di Argelato (BO), Italy.

The updated list of the responsible and of the appointees for the data processing is hold in the registered office of the Controller.

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